Testimonials for Parker Ear, Nose & Throat

I came to Dr. Parker because of my excessive snoring. I did not know that I had a deviated septum and found that I also had severe sleep apnea. The surgery went very well! I am so grateful to Dr. Parker and all his staff. I no longer snore. My sleep apnea is gone! I am breathing better, feel more energetic, and enjoy restful sleep. After surgery when I had some concerns, Dr. Parker immediately returned my call and answered my questions. I felt very well taken care of and I would refer anyone to Dr. Parker and his practice. I give them my highest recommendation. I am very happy I got the surgery. it was very much worth it!
-Anonymous Reviewer. (from vitals.com)

I wanted to let you know that I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy by Dr. Parker yesterday and feel great!  Of course there is some discomfort, but nothing like I anticipated.  My biggest complaint is swallowing because my nasopharynx, uvula, and tongue are swollen.  Motrin is helping with that.   I don’t have the burning pain from the actual procedure that I anticipated, and the need for Percocet has been minimal.  I know it is still early, but I can’t imagine it getting any worse because it’s already much better 24 hours later. I am going to contact the 3 other ENT’s that I saw.  All three told me an adult tonsillectomy is a terrible/painful procedure, only one encouraged me to have the procedure.  I want to tell them they are doing their patients a disservice by not utilizing technology proven to reduce pain because of cost!  Dr. Parker said my tonsils were terrible and to think I held onto them for a year because of their outdated (albeit cost effective) technique.  It’s a shame that I had to travel an hour and a half and out of state to have the procedure, but well worth the trip! Feel free to share my positive experience with other potential patients too.
-Regards, Susan H.

"Dr. Parker, I wanted to thank you for literally changing my life. Before I came in to your office, I had forgotten what it was like to breathe with a clear nose, literally.  I do not remember the day my nose was not blocked up.  Now I am sleeping, breathing, eating and living so much better.   I even remember, before I came to your office, that I had seen several different 'ear" doctors, trying to figure out why I could not hear after a shower or a swim.  After taking different types of medicines and feeling worse, I just quit and figured I'd deal with it.  In one day you cleared my ears and in one month I was breathing like I did long ago!  It is clear to me that you see things a bit differently from other doctors that I have met...Going to you was the best decision I could have made.  And I think it is important that you know that I could not be happier with how I am living today.  Thank you again Dr. Parker.
-Best regards, Harrison M.

"Dr Parker, Thank you for all that you have done. You are not only a great doctor, but a thoughtful person who cares about his patients.  There are not many out there like you. 
-With sincere gratitude, Fred & Melissa D.

"Dear Dr. Parker, It has been over two years since you operated on me and not a day goes by that I do not remember what you have done for me.  Every day the smells I have missed for so long make me appreciate you doing your job very well and I hope that you do for others what you have done for me.  God bless.
-Sincerely, Brian R.

"Since the first time I met Dr. Parker, he was very thorough with testing and an action plan.  I had a unique situation in that I had 4 surgeries as a child and multiple sinus surgeries due to allergies.  He was right on top of it and I had relief instantly!  His staff who totally saved me from having to cancel a trip due to congestion, cleared my ears with meds and sprays.  I was able to leave the next day...she was a miracle worker. The audiologist was lovely and dressed to the nines always. The office staff is both professional and lovely.   Parker ENT is a win:win scenario for anyone who wants a competent staff and doctors to work with.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! -Kim T.    

I just had nasal surgery done by Dr. Parker.  He really is awesome!  He found that I had a broken nose, deviated septum, and a polyp under my right eye.  He rebuilt my nose, cleared out all the mucus, and was able to clear out the polyp in under one hour of surgery.  I was instantly able to breathe as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia, and one week later, after both splints were removed, I could breathe like when I was a kid!  He truly is a spectacular doctor.  I would recommend him to anyone that is having any sinus or breathing problems before any allergists again!  You won't be disappointed! :)
-Carrie A.

I had some experience with another ENT practice and didn't feel they were addressing the issue (enlarged tonsils). So, I had something to compare this practice to. This practice paid attention and moved quickly to diagnose the issue. Ultimately, I had my tonsils removed - which I was warned as an adult would include a long(er) recovery (than having it done as a child). I was well prepared and things proceeded exactly as expected. Though the recovery did include a few weeks, the pain was manageable. Dr. Parker was very thorough and knowledgeable and made me comfortable about my decision to move forward. I highly recommend him and his staff. 
-Jan C.  (from Google Reviews)

I'm 62 years old and people cannot believe I waited this long to have my tonsils removed. No other physician ever suggested I do this. Not Dr Parker! He knew from the get-go that my quality of life would be greatly improved after their removal. It is now 3 weeks since the procedure and I'm breathing better and waking up each morning well rested. No more Sleep Apnea for me. My wife's life has also improved. I don't snore so she also has a better night's sleep! Thank you Dr Parker! BTW, the staff at his practice is also GREAT!
-Robert K. (from Google Reviews)

Dr. Parker and his staff are exceptional. After decades of sinus issues and infections, I found Dr. Parker after seeking an ENT through friends. The recommended course of action was surgery and now, only a week after the procedure, I wish I had found this practice years ago. I can literally feel air flowing like never before in my life. I can finally breathe again. Thank you to Dr. Parker and his staff/team who helped in my treatment!
-Gus E.  (from Google Reviews)

I have tried all the gimmicks.....sprays, sleep pillows, mouth molds that hold the jaw askew, nose things, more pillows.... Almost got to the tennis ball tee shirt combo when my son had to have his tonsils taken out. While at a vistit in Dr. Parker's office he asked about my general health. I told him I hadn't had a good night's sleep in twenty years. My wife lived with my nightly snore-fests and I continued to go on day to day completely exhausted. I scheduled myself an appointment and was told my problem was too much uvula and a deviated septum. I knew about the uvula....I was a great Roy Orbison impersonator for years. The septum...not a clue. Scheduled the appointment for a trim on the back of the mouth and and septum straightening. Here I am five months later sleeping like a baby, having dreams again, waking up refreshed. A quick two hour in and out for the surgery and I was home recouping. Was it painful? A little bit. Uncomfortable. Would I do it again? In a HEARTBEAT. Sleeping, dreaming, waking up refreshed. You cannot imagine what that does to your entire mindset.
-BC. (from Google Reviews)

After not being able to breathe properly out of my nose most of my life, I finally decided to find out the cause and do something about it. I am so happy I Googled ENT and found "Parker Ear Nose and Throat' in Norwalk. I was able to get an immediate appointment and was warmly greeted by the doctor's office staff when I arrived (which turned out to be the case every time I went there afterwards. Just the friendliest people.). My first appointment was with Dr. Parker's colleague, Dr Haupt who gently examined me and established I had a severely deviated septum. The X-ray confirmed that as well, but also that my turbinates were quite enlarged, adding to the blockage of airflow. The following week I got to meet with Dr. Parker for the first time to follow up on the next step. I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Parker explained everything exceptionally well and in great detail which gave me confidence and courage to go through with the surgery called 'septoplasty'. A week before the surgery I met with Dr. Haupt again, who explained all the pre-op procedure very well to me in a warm and kind way, which further 'calmed' me before the surgery. This was after all the first ever one in my life. On the day of the surgery I had a great conversation with Dr. Parker, who's also an amazing surgeon. He reviewed the procedure with me again as well as the post-op care in a very clear and informative way. We had a giggle when I told him I overheard the girl next to me in the pre-op room speaking Swedish. What are the odds of having 2 Swedish girls as patients and then operating on them on the same day?! :) The surgery went really well, at least I felt like a closed my eyes for a second and then woke up again. :) One week after the surgery Dr. Parker took out the splints and cleaned my nose. The whole procedure was quick and painless! Dr Parker is so thorough in all that he does and he talks you through every step, so you never really worry. It's been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and already I'm breathing WAY better than I ever have in my life through my left nostril. I believe when the recovery process is over, I will fathom the full extent of what Dr. Parker and his staff have helped me with; to be able to breathe like I'm supposed to which in turn improves my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Parker, Dr Haupt and everyone at the Parker ENT, you guys are the best! :)
-Diana L. (from Google Reviews)

I visited Dr. Parker as a result of severe sleep apnea. I was already on a CPAP and without it I would stop breathing nearly 50x an hour. He immediately observed that my nasal passages were not straight and that my uvula was enlarged. I had successful procedures to straighten out my nasal passages and reduce the size of my uvula. It was an incredible experience when the packing was removed from my nose and I was able to breathe clearly for the first time. I never knew what it was like for my entire life. After further sleep study follow ups, its now two months later I just got the good news that there is no sign of any sleep apnea. I am cured and the CPAP is history. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedures and with the care provided me by Dr. Parker, who really improved my quality of life.
-Joseph W. (from Google Reviews)

Dr. Parker is simply the best. It's been 7 days since my septoplasty & turbinate surgery and I'm breathing better than I could've ever imagined! Dr. Parker's office is warm and inviting - his staff is courteous and professional - and it didn't take long from the moment I walked into his office with breathing issues to the moment I was scheduled for surgery. Surgery was comfortable and flawless and I'm very happy I chose Dr. Parker as my ENT doc! I highly recommend him.
-Charles B. (from Google Reviews)

Dr. Parker is a one of a kind doctor. He performed a flawless closed reduction operation to fix my deviated septum and now my breathing is 100 times better. Every time I go into his office, he explains things very thoroughly and answers all of my questions. It's rare you find a combination of great doctor and great customer service like you'll find with Dr. Parker.
-Greg H. (from Google Reviews)

I have worked with Dr. Parker on septum and sinus issues. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about alternative solutions and diligently searches for the right answer. Everyone is different and it is critical to find what works for the individual patient. In the time I have worked with Dr. Parker, I am delighted with the progress we have made. I have found very few doctors, regardless of their expertise, that are as conscientious and caring. I would also add, importantly, how fabulous his staff is. They are efficient, thorough and welcoming. I actually enjoy going over to the office. I highly recommend Dr. Parker and his practice if you have ENT issues.
-Mark M. (from Google Reviews)

Dr. Parker is great and very knowledgeable. He literally changed my life with my nasal surgery. I couldn't even breathe through my nose before because of the swelling, and now it's like night and day. The surgery was very smooth and it's been 2 years now and i'm still breathing very well and have had a great recovery! I'd highly recommend him!
-Lauren S. (from Google Reviews)

Meeting Dr. Parker has been a life altering experience for my mother and I. I am a 23-year-old male who was told that I would have to sleep with a CPAP machine for my severe sleep apnea problem. I have lived life thus far embarrassed and ashamed of falling asleep in front of people because I knew it meant I would have to wake to comments of "Wow, that was scary!" and have to explain my heavy snoring and loss of breath while sleep. Initially I accepted this as a means of life and it sunk in that for the rest of my life I would never get to sleep comfortably again. I went to see Dr. Parker not for that issue but for a bit of hearing trouble I was experiencing my left ear. After doing a full examination, he told me he had some solutions for my ear problem and also suggested taking care of my rather large tonsils he noticed. Dr. Parker could have just stopped at my ear trouble, but he took the extra steps to have my chart work sent over from the hospital from my most recent sleep study. After reviewing the information, he told me that he wanted to suggest surgery to me. He told me that he wanted to remove my tonsils, my adenoids and trim my uvula. Never having had surgery before in life, I was extremely skeptical and thinking this would be a major expense and pain which possibly could not work. I thought about it and decided to listen to Dr. Parker who just had a completely trustworthy vibe to him. Dr. Parker treated me as a close friend throughout my post-surgery treatment. On Day 5, I had a very severe amount of blood loss due to common complications with the surgery. I was rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Parker was ready to treat me once again. He was very respectful to me and my mother, and also extremely friendly. I am now on Day 14 post operation and I am glad to say I am coming back into feeling great once again. After a night's sleep, a close friend of mine told me he did not hear a peep out of me throughout the night which was overwhelming and exciting to hear. Dr. Parker has changed my life for the better. I am so overjoyed to know that for the rest of my life I do not have to be plagued by a clunky, unsightly and uncomfortable machine attached to my face while I sleep. I recommend him and his services 100%. Thank you Dr. Parker!
-Marcus A. (from Google Reviews)

I had been seeing Dr Parker occasionally for ear infections. Recently he told me the deviated septum that I had was possibly the worst case he'd ever seen. This was not a surprise to me I had been dealing with this all my life. I had considered the surgery about 20 years ago but decided against it because I had heard it was very painful and not much gain. Dr Parker assured me that the procedure was not as bad as it used to be and although it would be uncomfortable for about a week the benefit, I would see would be amazing. He was right!! There was some pain the first couple of days but not as bad as I had anticipated. When the splints came out the next week (another part I was dreading that turned out to be nothing) I knew I had done the right thing. I have never been able to breathe so easily. I actually have to train myself to breathe through my nose. If you are considering this procedure and Dr Parker recommends it, do it. You won't be sorry.
-Michael C. (from Google Reviews)

We brought our son to Dr. Parker before his 1st birthday. He had chronic fluid in his ears that was impacting his hearing. Dr. Parker took a conservative approach in his treatment.  Other doctors we met with suggested tubes without even looking in our son's ears. After unsuccessful alternative treatments, Dr. Parker finally suggested putting in tubes. We could not be happier with the results. We saw results immediately, before even leaving the surgery center. Dr. Parker and his staff could not have been more helpful or comforting. The staff seemed to go out of their way to make sure the entire family was comfortable and informed. We are delighted to say that our son's ears have been perfect since the surgery and we have seen a vast improvement in his hearing, language skills, attitude and overall health. Thank you Dr. Parker and Staff.
-Jeff M. (from Google Reviews)

When my significant other was having problems sleeping in the same bed with me due to my snoring, particularly in hotel rooms or places that weren't "home", we tried several home remedies (mouth guards, nose strips, white noise, etc.), to no avail. Other doctors didn't seem to have much advice to offer us beyond that. After doing some research regarding specialists online, we found Dr. Parker's site. Though we live in New Haven and it would be a bit of a drive for us, we thought it was worth it to find out some alternative means to dealing with my snoring. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Parker's demeanor and his caring attitude about the situation. He informed me that my tonsils were swollen, which tends to happen when people are congested for long periods of time, and that was contributing to the snoring. He also said that many people get so used to being stuffed up all the time that they don't see it as a problem anymore. He recommended a prescription for Flonaise but also a nasal wash kit that I would use every evening, as well as nose plugs that I could use to help keep my airways open. Two checkups and six months later, the swelling in my tonsils has decreased 2X, my sweetie can sleep with me easily, and I am breathing much better overall. Even when I had a bad cold during the winter, I got over it much more quickly due to the nasal rinse. We recently went on a trip together and stayed in a hotel with no problems. After what seemed like an impossible situation, Dr. Parker and his team were able to help me find a non-surgical way to deal with this embarrassing and frustrating issue. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation!
-Elizabeth E.  (from Google Reviews)

More than twenty years ago, I was told I had a deviated septum. Feeling that it wasn't impairing my everyday life, I put that aside. Now as I age, I have had trouble sleeping and post-nasal drip that has caused a nasty, persistent cough. My physician suggested I go to Dr. Parker and I am happy that I did. I had surgery 10 days ago, and didn't know how great it is to breathe through both nostrils! I still have some post-nasal drip but hope that as I heal that will be gone. Dr. Parker and his staff have put me at ease at my appointments and operation. The surgical center staff was great. Thank you for being so wonderful!
-Mary B. (from Google Reviews)

One morning approximately two years ago, after drinking a cup of coffee, I suddenly found that I was unable to speak. Very alarmed, not to say frightened, I consulted my family physician who recommended that I should see Dr. Parker. Dr. Parker took some time to examine me, and though I still was unable to use my voice in anything like a normal manner, Dr. Parker encouraged me with his confidence. He prescribed a course of medication to be taken in conjunction with two programs: a permanent change in those of my behaviors that over time had had an adverse impact on my vocal chords and an intensive program of therapy with a professional speech therapist. As Dr. Parker predicted, my voice did not return to normal overnight. Dr Parker continued to monitor my progress on a regular schedule. In these consultations Dr. Parker reassured me that if I continued with my therapy and my attention to diet and other behavioral modification my vocal chords would heal. Two years later my voice has returned to normal, I no longer take medication on a daily basis and speech therapy is no longer necessary. I still see Dr. Parker every three months so he can check me out. It's one doctor's visit to which I look forward. -Robert M. (from Google Reviews)

My family doctor referred me to Dr. Parker after my wife complained of my loud snoring. Dr. Parker gave a very thorough examination, and ordered an in-home sleep study for me. Based on all the information, he recommended a septoplasty (straightening and widening of the nasal passages) and pillar implant. A friend said I should get a second opinion so I went to another ENT specialist who said I would need a CPAP (a mask over your face that you have to wear every night). But you have to wear it for the rest of your life and it is very intrusive and cumbersome and few people keep it up for long. I told Dr. Parker about this and he had no problem with me getting a second opinion, but he suggested we try the septoplasty and pillar implant first. Dr. Parker seemed to me much more knowledgeable and experienced than the other doctor - and he was the one my own doctor had referred me to - so I agreed. I had the operation and it was very easy and painless and I was back at work after a few days. Well the operation was a huge success. I can breathe much better, sleep better at night, feel less tired and more energetic, and best of all, my wife says my snoring has almost completely disappeared - so she can sleep better too! Dr. Parker and all of his office staff are extremely friendly. Dr. Parker is the best specialist in this area without a doubt. He never pressured me or gave me a hard sell, just let me make my own decision as to whether to follow his advice. I'm glad I did. I highly recommend Parker ENT for any sleep apnea or snoring problems. You will get the best and most appropriate treatment for whatever is your particular problem.
-John M. (from Google Reviews)