Testimonials for Parker Ear, Nose & Throat

Dr. Parker and his entire staff are professional, friendly and highly customer satisfaction oriented. I was referred here from a family member whom like myself was having hearing issues beginning earlier than most, and recognized the need to move forward with hearing devices sooner than many admit they need to. Their team was thorough from the get go beginning with Dr. Parker himself whom evaluated me, cleared my ear passages and then he had Bailey provide a thorough hearing test. I then met with their Hearing Device specialist Wendy whom educated me on hearing devices and provided me with a great quality loaner device for 30 days. She adjusted and calibrated them in advance and gave me a generous period of time to experience and slowly acclimate to this new life change. Dr. Parker's team contacted my Insurance Company re Coverage and were then able to source a highly competitive device that best met my needs at a competitive price. I have since purchased these devices through their services and have returned to the office for 2 follow ups. This experience was unlike any of the other several alternatives I evaluated.... including one in my own town that offered NOTHING CLOSE to the hands on customer experience and the trust I gained in these high caliber quality people whom work there. This has been a big quality of life improvement for me, and kudos to Dr. Parker and team for making this happen in a well thought out, organized and cohesive manner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXCELLENT PRACTICE!
-Jim Hindenach

Dr. Parker has been my ear doctor for the past 7 years, and consulted with me on finding the right hearing aids. I'm a musician, so hearing is crucial to every aspect of my life and work -- and the fact that Dr. Parker is also a musician, and that he was able to answer any and all questions, while at the same time analyzing my condition accurately -- has helped me maintain my hearing on the highest possible level. Also, Wendy and the entire staff at Parker ENT has been friendly and extremely helpful with managing my appointments and keeping my hearing aids working perfectly.
-C Man

As a result of my annual physical I saw Dr. Parker in November 2018 for a hearing test. During the preliminary exam Dr. Parker asked if I was having any issues with memory. I was taken aback, I was there because I was having difficulty hearing ... but I was experiencing significant issues with remembering things and had been worrying it was the onset of something serious. I was diagnosed with low to mid-range hearing loss. Dr. Parker said I'd need hearing aids and the hearing loss was effecting my memory but could be corrected by hearing properly again. I began crying and Dr Parker assured me hearing aids wouldn't be that bad to wear ... I told him my tears weren't over hearing aids ... I was crying because he said he was going to fix the issues with my memory !! I saw a complete turnaround with my memory within (4) weeks of wearing the hearing aids. i just had a follow up hearing test that showed my hearing loss is stabilized. There has been no additional loss since my diagnosis. Being able to hear 100% again has changed my life and has significantly improved the quality of my life. I am so proud of myself for speaking up during my physical when asked if there was anything else I wanted to talk about. At the time, the hearing loss was not severe but it was enough to warrant mentioning. I just turned (55) and I feel as though Dr. Parker has turned back the clock for me. I feel younger, sharper and more vibrant than ever before :) !I My Husband Tony, Son Chip, and I have been seeing Dr. Parker since 2009 ... his staff is as warm and dedicated to the patients as Dr. Parker is. Thank you Dr. Parker and Wendy Cooke, HIS (Audiology Coordinator) for changing my life ...
-Michelle Granata

The office is great. You can not get better then Wendy for selecting and programing a set of hearing aids that best meet your particular needs! I have been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years- started at 18. I was so impressed with her knowledge and her patience as I ordered a few different brands to test.
-Linda Welsh

Hearing Aids are new to me. The Team took the time to explain everything about them that I need to know. They also answered all of my question. The team quickly gets me into the office when adjustments are needed.
-The team is friendly
-Easy to make appointments

-Frank Agostino