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By Dr. Andrew Parker
May 04, 2018
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In many cases, a sore throat is just a symptom of a minor cold that will go away on its own, but in some situations, it tonsilitiscould be a sign of a more urgent condition like tonsillitis. Tonsil inflammation, better known as tonsillitis is most common in very young children under the age of 10 and may require surgery. Cases of tonsillitis can be treated by Dr. Andrew Parker at Parker Ear, Nose & Throat in New Canaan and Norwalk, CT. 

What Is Tonsillitis?
When you open your mouth wide enough, you can see your tonsils at the back. They are glands located behind the tongue. When they become inflamed due to a bacterial infection or immunologic reaction, it is called tonsillitis. Some cases are acute, meaning they occur only once, where other cases are recurrent or chronic. Inflammation of the tonsils can be caused by streptococcus bacteria, adenovirus, measles, herpes, and other viruses. Children are more susceptible to this condition because their immune systems are still developing.

Signs of Tonsillitis
Consider these potential signs of tonsillitis and see your New Canaan and Norwalk ENT doctor if they sound familiar:

- Problems swallowing saliva or food.
- Tender, swollen, or painful lymph nodes.
- Enlarged, red, swollen glands at the back of the mouth.
- Sleep apnea (an airway obstruction while sleeping causes loud snoring).
- Tiredness that seems unusual.
- Unpleasant mouth odor or taste in the mouth.
- Fever and/or  headache .

Tonsillitis Treatment
The first course of treatment your doctor will consider is antibiotic therapy. It will neutralize any bacterial infections that are causing the inflammation. Fluid therapy is used in cases where the patient is dehydrated. In some cases, pain medication may be prescribed to help minimize discomfort for the patient. In cases where the airway could be obstructed or it’s a chronic problem, a surgical procedure called a tonsillectomy (tonsil removal) may be recommended.

Have Inflamed Tonsils Examined and Treated
Chronic or recurrent cases of tonsillitis should be reviewed by an ENT to determine the proper treatment. Call 203-866-8121 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Parker at his office in New Canaan or Norwalk, CT.