How We Can Help You Deal With Sinus Pain

By Dr. Andrew Parker
March 21, 2017
Category: Health
Tags: Sinus Pain  

Have you become resigned to living with sinus pain? Although over-the-counter medications can be helpful, sinus painsometimes they aren't effective in relieving stubborn or chronic sinus pain. Dr. Andrew Parker, your New Canaan, Westport and Norwalk, CT, ENT, discusses several treatment options that may help relieve your pain.

Identifying the source of your problem

Before a treatment is recommended, it's important to find out why you're experiencing sinus symptoms, including pressure in your forehead and around your eyes, pain in your teeth or neck, headache, congestion, cough and post-nasal drip. The pain may be due to allergies, infections or even obstructions in your nasal passages, such as polyps or bone spurs. You'll receive a thorough examination when you visit Dr. Parker's Norwalk, New Canaan or Westport offices, which will help him determine why you have sinus pain.

Treatment options

Congestion makes it hard to breathe and can increase your discomfort. Oral and nasal prescription-strength decongestants help clear your nasal passages and relieve your symptoms. If your infection hasn't gone away, you'll need to begin a course of antibiotics.

If your problem doesn't respond to any of these treatments, sinus surgery may be recommended. The surgery is used to remove nasal blockages and obstructions that cause chronic sinus pain. Sinus surgery can often be performed using a thin endoscope inserted into your nose. A camera at the end of the endoscope sends images to Dr. Parker's digital monitor, allowing him to clearly identify and treat the cause of your pain.

Sinus pain doesn't have to become a constant part of your life, thanks to a variety of treatment options. Call Dr. Andrew Parker at (203) 866-8121 to schedule an appointment at his Norwalk, New Canaan or Westport, CT, offices.