You Can End Your Snoring

By Dr. Andrew Parker
June 29, 2016
Category: Health
Tags: Snoring  

Desperately looking for a quiet night’s sleep? Then it’s time to turn to our ENT specialist for help.

Snoring is an all-too-common issue that can keep couples and families from enjoying the much-needed sleep they snoringdeserve. Unfortunately, the snoring culprit also doesn’t get the quality, sound sleep they need to feel rested. Whether you or a loved one is a chronic snorer, it’s time you turned to our Norwalk, Westport and New Canaan, CT ENT doctor, Dr. Andrew Parker, for help.

Snoring can but isn’t always a sign of a more serious issue known as sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes breathing to stop or slow down up to hundreds of times throughout the night. Sleep apnea can cause extreme daytime fatigue and increase your chance for developing a more serious health problem like heart disease. If your snoring might be due to sleep apnea then it’s time you gave Dr. Parker a call.

Non-Invasive Treatment Options in Norwalk, Westport and New Canaan

Sometimes snoring can be reduced or even eliminated through more conservative approaches such as special nasal devices, positional therapy, over-the-counter remedies or even a custom-made oral appliance (which can be great for patients whose snoring is due to sleep apnea). If you want to find out which treatment option is the best one for treating your symptoms then it’s time you turned to our ENT doctor for a consultation.

Other Treatment Options in Norwalk, Westport and New Canaan

While some patients may find the relief they need through one of the non-invasive measures, it doesn’t always work for everyone. If your snoring is severe and affecting the quality of your sleep then you may want to consider your surgical options:

Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy: Tonsils and adenoids are common causes of snoring and sleep disturbances, particularly in children. While this isn’t as common an issue for adults, sometimes removing enlarged or problematic tonsils or adenoids is all that’s needed. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and recovery time can take up to a week.

Nasal Surgery: If you have nasal congestion then you may notice that it goes hand-in-hand with your snoring symptoms. Issues that cause nasal obstructions such as nasal polyps, a deviated septum or even allergies may be to blame for your snoring. While steroidal nasal spray and other allergy treatments can help some of our patients, sometimes the best and only option is to get nasal surgery.

Don’t let snoring impact your whole family. Turn to our ENT office for the care you or a loved one should have. Call us today to get a better night’s sleep. You deserve it!