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By Dr. Andrew Parker
September 18, 2015
Category: Health
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Find out how this technology could make your tonsil removal easier.

Did you know that tonsils are actually your body’s first defense against bacteria and viruses that enter through the Tonsilsmouth or nose? Unfortunately, tonsils can also become infected, too. When this happens they may become enlarged or swollen. This condition is known as tonsillitis. Those with frequent or recurrent tonsillitis may want to talk to their Norwalk ENT doctor Dr. Andrew Parker about whether a tonsillectomy is the right treatment option.

Tonsillectomy with Thermal Fusion

While tonsillectomies are commonly performed, they’ve gotten a bad rap for being a rather painful procedure. However, your Norwalk ENT doctor is now able to perform tonsillectomies using Thermal Fusion, or tissue welding, to remove soft tissue and also seal the remaining tissue. This promises minimal tissue damage and also a significantly easier procedure for our patients. With Thermal Fusion there is less post-operative bleeding and pain, and patients can even return to their regular diets faster than if they had a traditional tonsillectomy.

Candidates for Tonsillectomies

So when should you consider getting a tonsillectomy? Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to talk to your Norwalk ENT doctor:

  • If you suffer from recurrent tonsillitis
  • If you have chronic strep throat for at least a year despite treatments
  • You have tonsil abscesses that don’t respond to drainage
  • If tonsils are so large that they cause sleep apnea

Want to find out if a tonsillectomy will help with persistent tonsil infections? Then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your Norwalk ENT specialist. Call our office today!