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If you are having trouble hearing, you might have thought about getting a hearing aid, but you are worried about how it will look and whether it will really help.  Hearing loss typically occurs gradually.  In fact, many people affected by it do not recognize the early signs. 
In many cases, family, friends and co-workers notice the problem in others before the individual does.  However, the earlier you address potential hearing loss, the better.  Not only will it enhance your quality of life, but also broadens the scope of treatment options available.  If hearing loss is identified there are many options to explore that can help you get back in touch and prevent further damage to your hearing.  You can’t reverse hearing loss, but you also do not have to live in a world of quieter, less distinct sounds. 
Dr. Andrew Parker is available in Westport and Norwalk as an ENT for your individual needs.  If you are interested in hearing aids, visit Dr. Parker for more information.
Patients in Norwalk and Westport: Hearing Aids Help in Hearing Loss
If you are having trouble hearing, it is important to first visit Dr. Andrew Parker, your Westport and Norwalk ENT, for proper diagnosis and treatment.  With proper assessment you will learn about your ability to hear pure tone sounds and to understand words.  The results of your hearing tests will show the degree of hearing loss and whether it is conductive or sensorineural.  In addition, your tests may give other medical information about your ears and health. 
A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device that fits in or behind your ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound.  There are several types of hearing aids available, varying in size, power and circuitry.  Dr. Parker will be able to help prescribe a proper hearing aid for your individual hearing loss.  It is important for your hearing aid to be custom fitted to your ear and hearing needs.  Hearing aids that are purchased by mail-order typically cannot be custom fitted. 
Talk to Dr. Andrew Parker, your ENT in Westport and Norwalk about hearing aids if you are having difficulty hearing.  Seeking treatment can dramatically improve the quality of life of the individual affected and his or her loved ones.  People who use hearing aids report greater self-confidence, closer relationships with loved ones, and an improved outlook on life, overall.